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plural noun: teachers

  1. a person who teaches,

  2. especially in a school.


    synonyms:educator, tutor, instructor, master,

Educators are responsible for creating a learner friendly environment that offers room for risk.  These risks allow for each learner to arrive at his or her own ‘Ah-ha’ moment that solidifies his or her learning in a way that cannot be replicated.  As a facilitator of that risk, I pride myself at creating a  safe place where each learner knows the expectations and feels challenged to meet those expectations and eventually push past them into realms only he or she can foresee.  The key to creating that environment is knowing your own strengths and challenges and freely exploring along with your learners.  A critical part of that is self reflection after each learning opportunity which allows me to explore the positives and drawbacks to the day’s learning and strategize then assess for the next day of learning. She has recently received the Teacher of the Year at Harrison High School in 2016-2017 school year. As well as was a finalist for the Teacher of the Year for Farmington Public School District.

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